About Us

We got into board gaming during our university years and we were immediately drawn into this wonderful world. It quickly became our passion, but we encountered the big problem of storage and sorting game components. Setting up and cleaning up a game just took way to long, so we thought there must be a better solution.

We had some chance to work with laser cutters before and using quality plywood gave us the sturdy and still flexible material to make organizers from, which will make sorting and storing much easier.

As we shared our work we quickly got lot of positive feedback and started looking into production possibilities. We combined our craftsmanship and passion for games and Laserox was born in 2017. Since then we have developed many organizers and still continue to do so.

If you have any questions or just want to chat send us an email.

Company information:

Laserox Design Kft.

2092 Budakeszi,
Tiefenweg 39.

Manufacturing site

1224 Budapest,
Dózsa György út 105. building 30.

Company Registration Number: 13 09 190884

VAT Number: 26215802-2-13