We are green

We Are Green

Recycled Materials

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All our paper material comes from recycled paper. Like the instruction manuals from our inserts, the shipping boxes you got your order in and the insert packing boxes as well. We try to minimize the use of new paper wherever possible.

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Wood is the core of our products, therefore it is very important to us, that we get our raw material from a sustainable source. All the wood we use has an FSC license and comes from a sustainable forestation, so even our grandchildren will have trees around them.

Bubble wrap

We try to avoid the usage of plastic, but unfortunately it is not always possible. Therefore we turned to alternative solutions and use BIO-degradable, home compostable plastic for our packaging plastic (the bubble wrap). The shrink wrap is also reused in the industry if selectivly disposed of.

The Effects of Recycling

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Saving clean air

We managed to reduce our company CO2 footprint by 40%

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Saving water

At our office and workshop we saved up to 100 litres of water each day

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Saving trees

With our FSC licensed wood material we go against illegal deforestation

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Saving paper

Using recycled print paper and packing boxes we save up to 1000pages of newly manufactured paper each month